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Guide is final thoughts form of primary content. You may digest brief summary when you are aware of the whole articles. So my own suggestion will be once move through with key book and along recover you may make a note of your personal letters or label summary booklet. Once must that you can be familiar with terms and that will make it easier to have a complete quick modification. Answers to practical concerns in summary e book is also succumbed very overall procedures form, although in assessment you should write total answer. Several time in while answers, you will get a habit of writing answers in that manner only. Consequently alone brief summary is not really advisable. Munish bandhari’s booklet is really very good. He has got given something answer data format way. Hence becomes better to understand and revise. Also remember to refer practice manual. Ca institute includes actually built that publication worth. A pure right reading of practice manual before assessment is very beneficial. Handbook of munish bhandari is the remove of the in depth notes. Consequently , if you immediately refer Munish bhandari handbook at ca final level, your lots of the concepts will not clear, since it is very shortly succumbed handbook, usually only 1-2 main thoughts are provided. As, our ca final issue paper has application founded questions as well, it is suggested to work with both the literature. Ie., first detailed reserve and then with respect to quick revising use handbook.

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