Total war medieval 2 cheats

The procedure requires editing a game record so it is suggested that you generate a backup duplicate of the data file before beginning. Go to the old ii total war\data\world\maps\campaign\imperial_campaign submission site and find the descr_strat document. Then by using a text editing tool program lower and Substance the ‘unlockable’ section in the ‘playable’ section and conserve the record. Launch the game each faction as well available. You can also visit our website and the Pontifical Estates, but is not the Mongols, Timurids as well as Aztecs. You right click relating to the total conflict icon, head to open data files for total war medieval 2 cheats. Then just click in info folder that brings you to a further list of directories, it shoukd be in the folder environment, then real campaign, then a desc. Stat should be in the list. In that case u replicate what is inside the desc stat folder preserve it in folder individual so circumstance have a back up. in that case re backup and substance in another notepad document, erase out the parti on the not playable parti, and put each of the factions in to playable. Hence swap nonplayable factions in playable parti. U can accomplish this with pontifical states, however, not mongols, aztecs, or timurids. Hope this helps that you too. Enable cheat console startpage third era total warfare defau options. Medieval 2 total struggle cheat training. Medieval 2 total world war rule britannia v1. a few. Medieval 2 total fight money cheat. Medieval2 secrets to awesome 2 total war. Medieval war 2 total showdown cheat scripts. Medieval 2 total fights with tips. Detailed rules for several Unit Commands Media to access the console. For the reason that described in this article, the givetrait command works together several different behavior to add to a certain character. For this to work, approach the character decided on and outside of an town.