Urdu Novels House

Novelshouse is one of the most well-known and favorite publishing company because of it is actually nontraditional material of newspapers. It is a routine publishing group which has been informative thousands of people around the world. This was founded by novelshouse. Net in april 1991, president & director of novelshouse, zahoor ahmed khan has granted his previous twenty six years to publish and promote mundane literature in pakistan. He’s one of the most effective members in every anti-dictatorship excitation. Selection of material is one of the major deals in publishing literature. He enlightens and civil person typically concern with all those issues which can make society better and always offer lesson of humanity. Novelshouse has converted russian, france, german and world most well-known literature in Urdu Novels House. Hence through which persons would arrive to know regarding different styles and ideologies of the world. The esteemed institution has been producing most routine and suspect literature in pakistan. It includes published much more than seven hundred catalogs in urdu, english and sindhi dialect.

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